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What's New? 2000

Dec 2000 New look front page launched for Scottish Law Online at I had to move the site off Crosswinds as it was more trouble than it was worth. I moved it onto Geocities as I have now fixed the problems which meant it couldn't be there in the first place. One day, I may actually pay some money and move it to something quicker, perhaps Demon.

20/11/00 This page added to keep users uptodate with changes, additions and alterations to the sites.

Oct 2000 Revamped main entry page at Scottish Law Online and fixed many of the error messages. Tried to clarify what was going on on the front page by splitting the sites up into different sites. Also began to create the Scottish Law Firm Directory and develop Law Search. The main entry page as it was in 2000 is reproduced here. Perhaps most importantly, this page had a java applet at the top which showed a picture which rippled as you put your mouse over it. This is also reproduced here and another picture is here. The applet was from Durius.

Oct 2000 Launched the Scots Law Student Zone at The site contains links to relevant sites for law students, guides to getting work experience and/or a legal traineeship with a Scottish law firm as well as the Scots Law Student Journal, the first ever web journal in Scotland. You can see what the front page of the Scots Law Student Zone used to look like by clicking here. You can also see what the Journal looked like when it first began by clicking here.

Oct 2000 Added links to the Faculty of Advocates, Scottish Law Commission which have both recently joined the online law community. Also changed the link to Royal Faculty of Procurators who have moved to a new address. These links are in Organisations - Scotland - Professional Bodies on SLORC and on A2Z.

Oct 2000 Journal of the Law Society of Scotland prints a review of SLORC and awards it 5/5 stars for all areas bar the frequency of being updated. In fact, the site is updated on an almost daily basis and the only thing which is rarely updated is the little piece of text on the About and Main pages which tells you when it was last updated. Action taken - removed all references to when the site was last updated.

Summer 2000 Created An A to Z of the Law of Scotland, a revamp of the "Individual Subjects" section of the website which I had been promising to update for about 6 months.

February and March 2000 Redesigned SLORC after I got sick of the colours.

January 2000 SCL Conference on Making New Law in Scotland in Edinburgh. Instead of referring to SLORC as a current legal website, one of the speakers uses SLORC for most of his 30 minute presentation on the existing legal web in Scotland.


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