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What's New? 2002

December 2002 With the new perl and cgi access on the new server I have ditched the advert based ezboard as a host for the Scottish Law Online Discussion Forum and have installed yabb on the site's server. The new board is available by clicking here. Again, please tell me the errors you are getting!!!!

December 2002 Site moved on the 7th/8th of December and experienced no downtime during this move. Please notify me of any errors whatsoever that you encounter on the site as all of these can be fixed, I'm sure.

December 2002 I'm planning to move the site to a new host over the next two months. The costs incurred by the site, due to a massive increase in bandwidth consumption over the last year, are becoming excessive. If you know of a good host, please recommend them to me. I am making this announcement now to warn you about possible service disruptions in December/January. It is unlikely that disruptions (if any) will last for more than a week.

November 2002 You can now search through hundreds of Scottish legal jobs available online through this site. Scottish Law Online has teamed up with lawrecruiter to provide access to current legal job vacancies online. Access this new section of the site now by clicking here.

November 2002 The new edition of the Scots Law Journal is now online and accessible by clicking this link.

September 2002 Have become acutely aware that despite this having been perhaps the most productive year yet for Scottish Law Online, I haven't actually updated this page to show what has been going on. Much of the information below was added in September while I could still vaguely recollect what had happened in the preceding months. Thoughts anyone?

September 2002 Remarkably good performance over the summer. The stats did not suffer too much as students disappeared. The site now receives about half a million hits a month and 50000 visits (on average).

September 2002 Where on earth is the next edition of the SLSJ? Good question ask me again in November.

23 September 2002 Article in Business AM says that a well known Scottish legal website which is an "in-depth guide to the Scottish legal profession" that claims to be "visited by about a quarter of Scotland's lawyers every week" is set to target lawyers' wallets. The site is moving into offering recruitment and attracting lifestyle business. Obviously as so many of you use it, I don't need to tell you the site's name. Or do I?!? The odd thing is though, all of the information available on that site is presently available for free at the following two sites: and

September 2002 Finally bit the bullet and added all of the Stickmen Fighting files to the Games and Shockwave Pages of the Recreation Centre. I have tried for quite some time to speak with the author about this but have not yet had a response. If you're out there, contact me please. Actually, if you know of a good host, please let me know. The files eat up about 1Gb of bandwidth a day!

August 2002 Realised that the Shopping Centre hadn't been updated in quite a while so began updating this. It is taking longer than expected so sorry about the dead links. Expect to complete this by the end of October 2002 (just in time for Christmas).

July 2002 Begun creating the World Law Centre. Sadly, don't expect to complete this for at least another couple of years (if ever). Oh, and I think I was on holiday for part of this month.

June 2002 Continuous updating, although my recollection of June is a little hazy. Couple of large projects at work and quite a bit of socialising so not so much time for the site I'm afraid.

June 2002 Tommy Butler, owner of becomes involved in a trade mark dispute with the Law Society of Scotland over his ownership of the domain name after the Law Society register "lawscot" as a trade mark.

May 2002 Large overhaul of the Recreation Centre including many more sections and an expansion of the scope of existing ones.

May 2002 Mark O'Dowd, a Scottish trainee solicitor, fights off 20th Century Fox's lawyers and wins the right to call his sandwich shop in Paisley "mcbeals".

March 2002 Updating more slowly at the moment. Please be patient if you have submitted links which haven't been added yet. There are at least two hundred other links that are being gradually added.

February 2002 Added many new areas but also improved upon existing content. In particular the Law Firms directory underwent a significant reorganisation and expansion to take account of many other professions which use or are used by lawyers in Scotland.

January 2002 Have discovered a plausible competitor to Scottish Law Online. Not saying who it is but will be keeping a close eye on the site over the coming months. Actually, it is very good and has an enviable site design but seems to focus a lot more on issues which would often be tackled by Law Centres. I haven't personally considered (yet) taking this site into those areas in a big way but you never know!

January 2002 Redesigned larger pages to split them into smaller ones to reduce bandwidth consumption. This didn't work so I upgraded to a much larger bandwidth allowance. In particular, you will note that Search Law has been redesigned and enlarged. The new Search Law at is now certainly worth a visit.

2 January 2002 Aside from changing references to 2001 on every page that had one, I also concentrated on the IT section of A to Z which had been neglected. Another area which needed maintenance was the Student Zone and I have now added a Law Society trainee info centre featuring documents about the TPC and PCC as well as Minutes of the Student/Trainee Liaison Committee.


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