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What's New? 2001

December 2001 News section vastly improved. Also added Shockwave flash movies under recreation, increased and redesigned the Shopping area and really focussed on the additional recreation areas.

November 2001 Continued updating pages and publicising these efforts. Realise though that this page is less frequently updated than it should be. Hope to improve this.

October 2001 New look front page and new background introduced. Regular users will have noticed that there has always been a bias towards those using screen settings of 1024 x 768. Users who have 800 x 600 therefore see distorted links, etc. Some of the new changes are deliberately designed to combat this problem. If you want something to change then tell me. The new changes today took exactly 8 hours work for the ENTIRE site (6pm to 2am). I missed the Simpsons for this! (I have them all on video anyway!) If you spot a problem - tell me.

October 2001 NEW BULLETIN BOARD AND CHAT ROOM on the site. These both had to be changed due to the fact that the previous versions were not very good at all. Please use both these features as much as you want. Lawyers, please feel free to help individuals in crisis by clicking on the Legal Advice section and answeing their queries. Initially the Bulletin board contained adverts but after three days I got sick of these and paid to have them removed. Don't be mislead by its name. I tis actually a hi-tech online discussion forum on which you can post polls, have discussions, etc anonymously or with a username if you wish to access the additional features.

September 2001 Added the Online Legal Intranet to Scottish Law Online. New area featuring tools and links for lawyers to use everyday. Ifyou can think of any more links or even areas of links that need to be covered then do let me know. Many thanks to Bruce de Wert of D W Georgeson & Son for supplying several of the links. I did add the Mystery Tours mentioned below to this section afterall.

September 2001 Scottish Law Online is now available in eight different languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and English! I didn't sit and translate the site, incase you wondered. I used an excellent tool on the web which you too can access on the Intranet soon.

August 2001 Rather than rewriting this news, I will simply quote it from an e-mail I recently received from Delia Venables. " I would just like to tell you that the next issue of the Newsletter will contain an article by young Scottish lawyer Kevin Crombie, who runs the excellent Scottish Law Online site at The article will be on the best property sites created by Scottish firms of solicitors. Following that, in the November/December issue, he and I will be writing jointly on the best Scottish firms' web sites, with an associated Mystery Tour. " I may (haven't decided yet) add the mystery tours to this site too so stay tuned!

August 2001
New feature to be added soon: If you find that you use a particular site a lot, e-mail me and I will add it to Scottish Law Online (regardless of what it is). Law Firms - add a link to your intranet on Scottish Law Online (and vice versa) so that your staff can access both quickly. New features to be added later: Custom front page. No idea how I'm going to do this but it is an ultimate goal. If anyone has any idea how to then please tell me. (Probably involves cookies, doesn't it?)

August 2001 Regular visitors will notice the changes that I have been working on all summer. I need to have feedback on the new layout so please use the FEEDBACK form and be as brutal as you like. Instead of What's New? the question really is, What's Old? The only part to remain unchanged is Search Law's list of search engines and this will be updated soon. Further, the new issue of the Scots Law Student Journal will soon be available. ...a new day, a new dawn... indeed! You can see how the site looked on August 2nd 2001 thanks to by clicking here.

July 29th 2001 New site uploaded. The End of the Scots Law Online Resource Centre (SLORC). (Sorry!).  Older versions of the site have been indexed by and can be accessed by clicking this link.

July 2001 Bought Statistics and will keep users informed of the number of visits through the ABOUT page.

June 2001 In Brazil so can't reply to e-mails for a while, sorry.

May 2001 Changed the background colour of A to Z after several users complained that it was impossible to read on their screens. Sorry to all others who had this problem.  The April version, the new version in May and all subsequent versions of the A to Z have been indexed by and can be accessed by clicking this link.

April 2001
Finally finished the Scottish Law Firm Directory at which includes law firms, Sheriff Courts, Sheriff Officers and more recently, Advocates. I will at some point be accepting adverts on this particular site which is the largest of its kind anywhere at present. Still updating An A to Z as the legal web continues to grow. Reorganised the Family Law section – now much easier to use!

March 2001 Bought and for the front entry page. Intend to use them later for new projects. In the meantime they will point to Scottish Law Online.

March 2001 Still updating and preparing pages. Have added Agricultural Law and also Animal Rights to A2Z. Still working on the Scottish Law Firm Directory and at the same time doing a new page on Power of Attorney to take account of the changes. Also doing a page on legal forms online and other legal documents presently available. Thinking about doing a separate page on SLORC for Publishers and the services which they offer to lawyers.

March 2001 The whole of Scottish Law Online is now on the new server, including An A to Z of the Law of Scotland. The sites are now a lot faster.

Feb 15th at 11.59 Have now moved the entire of SLORC across to the new server. There is a significant increase in speed so I am happy! Only have A2Z to do next, which is about 70 files! Should take a couple of weeks 9-5 so stay tuned!

Feb 2001 Changing sites still. Have moved all but files on A2Z and entire of SLORC. New addresses are:,,,,, The old addresses will still work and will simply redirect you to the new ones but it will be a lot faster if you use the new ones.

Feb 2001 Bought web space on Beginning the process of moving sites across – should make them a lot faster! Also renamed Law Search to Search Law – Apparently, somebody has the copyright on Law Search. To avoid this problem arising again, bought and

Jan/Feb 2001 Still doing Scottish Law Firm Directory and Scots Law Student Journal – Sorry not ready yet. (Computer broke again!)

Jan 2001 Came second in National competition to develop a web page on a chosen legal topic. Chose “Mapping the Legal Web”. The page can be viewed and a story in Business AM about the site can be seen at,2790,7515,00.html

Jan 2001 Sorry, my Computer broke over Christmas. I am now about 2 months behind with everything which I was doing before. Scottish Law Firm Directory is behind schedule. The new edition of the Scots Law Student Journal (SLSJ) is set to publish in February (4 monthly). I updated the Company Law section on An A to Z of the Law of Scotland by utilising all of the excellent improvements made on the Companies House site so at least I was able to do something.


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