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Amusing Sites:  
All Funny Pictures

Large collection of funny pictures on a site that is also home to Funny Animal Pictures. The pics are quite good, some famous ones and many pics of streetsigns which make no sense and ones that make too much sense!

The original and still the best site to go to when you get bored of studying, working or generally doing nothing. There are links to stories, games, competitions and a whole host of random and quite possibly useless information.



Read classic comic strips online. The site includes Snoopy, Garfield, Dilbert and more. If you have nothing better to do then pop along.


Crazy Images

The name of the site isn't very good but the images are.


Darwin Awards

One of the most famous websites on the internet which collects stories of stupid people doing stupid things.


Denza Tests

Take a Denza test online to discover how dense you are! The most you can realistically get is 11 out of 12 as one of the questions is a bit American. I didn't even understand the explanation of Q4 when I was told it! There are also IQ Tests and other tests on the site as well.


Dumb Laws

US website listing Dumb Laws from around the world. Amazingly, the site lists Scotland separately from England!


Dumb Criminal Acts

US website containing descriptions of Dumb Criminal Acts. If you have ever seen America's Dumbest Criminals, this will be familiar.


Free Arcade Games

Play arcade games online. Many different types to choose from. Some are actually quite good.


Law Ha Ha

Excellent site by Andrew McClurg providing stress relief for lawyers and law students around the world. There are many lawyer jokes as well as strange legal opinions and weird legal news from around the world. In particular, a case where two lawyers get ridiculed by the judge. Bradshaw v. Unity Marine Corporation, Inc.


Lunchtime Links

Links to sites that can keep you entertained if you prefer to shy away from the sunshine or fresh air on your lunchbreak.


Museum of Hoaxes

Massive library of hoaxes that have been played on people around the world over the last several hundred years. There are some amazing stories on this site which are all easy to read and quite captivating. Don't visit this site if you plan to get any work done today!


Roll On Friday

Legal website with an active discussion board, reviews of firms and a weekly e-mail of amusing legal tales from around the world.


Shockwave Games

New addition to Scottish Law Online - Humourous and entertaining Shockwave files from the internet. These include the legendary fighting stick men, dancing bush, bikini clad Hilary Clinton, Anna Kournikova getting her kit off and Britney Spears playing with a man!


Take Your Picture Online

With all the advances that have been made in technology, it is now possible to take someone's picture from a remote computer. Scientists have discovered a way to process computer driven gigatron technology back to people from another server using monitor flash resistance. Try it for Free now!


The Spark

Online tests including love tests, iq tests, personality tests, a death test and more.


Trailer Park Trash

One of the funniest sites on the web at the moment. Dedicated to poking fun at redneck USA. See it to believe it. I don't think the people on the site are real but decide for yourself. Be careful when clicking on the links on the site though.


Urban Legends

Large Collection of all those stories we hear from time to time.


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