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Areas covered include:
- Conveyancing
- Company Law
- Competition Law
- Corporate Crime
- Defamation
- Delict
- Health and Safety
- IT Law
- Legal Theory

Areas covered include:
- Competition Law
- Commercial Banking
- Company Law
- Criminal Law
- International Law
- IT Law
- Law and Economy
- Medical Law
- Tax Law

Areas covered include:
- Constitutional Law
- Competition Law
- Criminal Procedure
- Criminology
- Legal Theory
- Private International

Areas covered include:
- European Tax Law
- Public International
- Technology Law

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Scots Law Student Journal (SLSJ)

About the Scots Law Student Journal

The Scots Law Student Journal was the first online Scots Law legal journal and presented a chance for law students in Scotland to publish essays and other work on the internet so that others could benefit from their efforts.  Although it is no longer accepting submissions, the articles are being maintained online in this archive. The works have been contributed by law students in Scotland and the views and opinions contained therein are theirs alone and do not represent those of the Scots Law Student Zone or Scottish Law Online.  No information contained on the site is intended to be nor should be construed as being legal advice.  There is no guarantee that the works are correct or accurately state the law of Scotland and users are reminded that they should NOT rely on any of the information on the site at all without either taking legal advice or confirming the information themselves through their own research.

About Plagiarism

This site is not intended to lead to an increase in plagiarism.  Students are reminded that the site is intended to lead to a more open system of essay writing in Scotland's law schools.  Lecturers at the Universities will be informed of the existence of the SLSJ and will no doubt familiarise themselves with the content of each issue.  Copying information from the site has been made more difficult by the use of Acrobat PDF files to store the documents.  At present, those students in the law schools who know others in the year above are able to benefit from copies of previous essays whereas those who do not have such contacts are unable to benefit in the same way.  The advantages that this brings to the student are doubled when we consider that many lecturers set the same or similar essay questions each year. 


Contributions are no longer being accepted for the journal.

Problems Reading the Essays

In order to read the essays you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader which you can download from Adobe. If you still have problems then read the Adobe Troubleshooting page which also contains an introduction to PDF (Portable Document Format). I recommend that when you try and view an essay you right-click on the name, choose "Save Target As.." and download it to whichever folder you wish on your hard drive. If you have problems downloading then I further recommend using Download Accelerator Plus which you can get on the Web Stuff page of the Recreation Centre.

Scottish Law Online

The Scots Law Student Journal is a part of Scottish Law Online, a collection of legal websites in Scotland aimed at lawyers, academics, students and the public.  This group of websites includes the Scots Law Student Zone, which contains a guide to getting a traineeship with a Scottish law firm as well as many other resources for Scottish law students.  In order to assist those conducting research, the An A to Z of the Law of Scotland and Search Law have all been created so that information on the internet can be found more quickly.

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