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Areas covered include:
- Conveyancing
- Company Law
- Competition Law
- Corporate Crime
- Defamation
- Delict
- Health and Safety
- IT Law
- Legal Theory

Areas covered include:
- Competition Law
- Commercial Banking
- Company Law
- Criminal Law
- International Law
- IT Law
- Law and Economy
- Medical Law
- Tax Law

Areas covered include:
- Constitutional Law
- Competition Law
- Criminal Procedure
- Criminology
- Legal Theory
- Private International

Areas covered include:
- European Tax Law
- Public International
- Technology Law

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Scots Law Student Journal - Issue 3 - October 2001

Special Resources:


  • International Private Law
    Conflict Aspects of Consumer Contracts in the Electronic Age
    The advent of e-commerce and its potential to create an exponential rise in cross-border consumer contracting provides practical legitimacy to the discussion of consumer protection from the perspective of international private law.
    Paul Jarman-Williams, University of Glasgow, 2001
    Paul also runs Scottish Law Link at
  • Legal Theory and International Private Law
    Transitional Justice in Theory - Removed by Author
    Does International Law provide a useful Mediating Concept in times of Transition or Political Flux?
    Oliver Graeme Harker, University of Glasgow, 2001


Please Note:

The University and year refer to where and when the essay was written.  It should be noted also that the contributors may no longer be students but were at the time of writing.

No information contained above is intended to be nor should be construed as being legal advice.  There is no guarantee that the works are correct at all or accurately state the law of Scotland and users are reminded that they should NOT rely on any of the information without either taking legal advice or confirming the information themselves through their own research.

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