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Legal Humor

Dumb Laws
Dumb Criminal Acts
Laughter in Court - UK Humour
Law Ha Ha - Excellent Site
Law Monkeys
Lawyer Jokes and Cartoons
Power of Attorneys
The Court Jester

Law Jokes on Scottish Law Online

Guide to Different Clients
How to Treat Trainees
Legal Jokes

Sites with Pages on Legal Humour

Bad Lawyer Jokes
James Fuqua's Law Jokes
Jokes about lawyers on Internautica
Lawyer Joke Emporium on Nolo Site
Lawyer Jokes on Expert Law
Legal Humour on Legal Names Site
Order in the Court

Spoof Legal Websites

Powers Phillips - Attorneys at Law

Legal Humour Games

Zap the Lawyer @






General Humor

NCbuy - Jokes Centre
Humor on
UK Humour -

Random and Bizarre
Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks
Gimme a Buck
How to drive like a moron
How to keep an idiot busy..
Mullet Junky
Oxymoron List
Top 10 Stupidest Lists

Satire and Political Humour

Distortion of the Truth
Hacked Pages of World Governments
Herd of Sheep
Horn of Plenty
Political Compass
Private Eye
Satire Wire
Splat the MP
The Brains Trust
The Onion
The White House
US Government Site (Spoof)
US White House Site (Spoof)
Yes Minister

IT Humour & Call Centres Computer Humour More Computer Humor
Computer Humour
Computer Humor - By Technical Support Guy
Computer Stupidities - Call Centres & Tech Support
Computer Terms Explained
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity
Phone Funnies
Webcrawler Search Hall of Fame

Television Humour

TV on Scottish Law Online

Humourous Songs

Cyber Parodies
IT Anthems - Hilarious, Cheesy Anthems
Weird Al Yankovic

E-mail Forwards

Forward Garden

Sport Humour

Coleman Balls - Collection
Just Not Cricket

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