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General Sites:
Cornell LII - Overview of Jurisprudence (Philosophy of Law)

Specific Areas:
NYU Law School - Law, Philosophy and Political Theory
A collection of online papers on Jurisprudence organised by Ronald Dworkin.

Natural Law:
Jurisdictionary - What is Natural Law?
Natural Law and Natural Rights by James A Donald
The Nature of Natural Law by Rory Fitzgerald

St Augustine (354 - 430):

Catholic Encyclopedia - St Augustine of Hippo
St Augustine - Excellent Links and Resources
Links to Primary Works and Discussions, Articles and Biographies about St Augustine on the Biblical Evidence for Catholicism Website.

St Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 1274):
Catholic Encyclopedia - St Thomas Aquinas
St Thomas Aquinas on the Web
Who's who in medieval history - A collection of links from

Guides to the Law:
Cornell LII - Overview of Jurisprudence (Philosophy of Law)

Libraries of Links and Resources:
Queen's University Belfast - Jurisprudence Course Resources

Related Areas of Scottish Law Online:
Civil and Roman Law

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