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European Law

Main Website:
Europa - European Union Online

Institutions of the European Union:
Guide to the EU Institutions

European Parliament
   - UK Members
Council of the European Union
   - Presidency
European Commission
Court of Justice of the European Communities
European Court of Auditors
European Ombudsman
European Data Protection Supervisor

Financial bodies
European Central Bank
European Investment Bank
   - European Investment Fund

Advisory bodies
European Economic and Social Committee
Committee of the Regions

Interinstitutional bodies
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
European Communities Personnel Selection Office

European Commission Directorates-General
European Commission Directorates-General Full List 

Documents common to all the institutions:
EU Bookshop
Bulletin of the European Union
General Report on the Activities of the European Union
   - One year of Europe (PDF)
Historical Archives of the European Union
European Integration Official Papers - EIOP  

Documents of individual institutions:
Document registers

European Parliament
Council of the European Union
   - European Council
European Commission
Court of Justice and Court of First Instance
Court of Auditors
European Ombudsman
European Central Bank
European Investment Bank
European Economic and Social Committee
Committee of the Regions

Decentralised bodies of the European Union (agencies):

European Community Agencies
Agencies of the European Community
Common Foreign and Security Policy Agencies
Police and Judicial Cooperation in criminal matters and Agencies

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

Guides to the EU:
ABC of the European Union
Europe Direct 
EurActiv - News and Policy Online
Glossary of EU terms, words and phrases
Guide to the Institutions of the EU
Guide to where to find EU documents 
Guide to EU Treaties

Member States and European Governments

European law:

Sources of European Law
EUR-LEX, the portal to European Union law
   - Directory of Community Legislation in force
   - Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
   - European Legislation in Preparation
   - European Union Treaties
ŒIL, the Legislative Observatory
Pre-Lex, monitoring of the decision-making process between institutions
Case law
Recent Case-Law of the ECJ and CFI
Summaries of legislation
European Commission Green Papers
European Commission White Papers
RAPID - Access to the Press Releases of the European Institutions

Public Procurement:
Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) - 'S' Supplement of the OJEU *
Guide to EU Policy on Public Procurement
*NB: Until recently, these were commonly referred to as OJEC Notices.

Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights
European Convention on Human Rights
Statewatch - Civil Liberties in the EU

Guide to the EU by Subject Matter
Audiovisual and Media
Economic and Monetary Affairs
Education, Training, Youth
Employment and Social Affairs
External Relations
External Trade
Food Safety
Foreign and Security Policy
Humanitarian aid
Human rights
Information Society
Institutional affairs
Internal Market
Justice, freedom and security
Public Health
Regional Policy
Research and Innovation

Specific Treaties
Treaty on European Union as ammended at Amsterdam, 1997
Treaty establishing the European Community as ammended
Treaty of Nice - February 2001

Professional Bodies:
Council of the Bars and Law Societies of Europe

Scotland & the UK in Europe:

Scotland Europa - Promoting Scotland's Interests in Europe
Scottish Jean Monnet Centre
Scottish Lawyers' European Group
European Commission Representation in the UK Site

General Sites:
European Industrial Relations Observatory
EuroPages - Business Directory
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Jean Monnet Program - Harvard

Libraries of Links and Resources:
Jean Monnet Program - Harvard
Scottish Jean Monnet Centre Directory
Scottish Jean Monnet Centre Virtual Library

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Banking Law
Human Rights
International Private Law

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