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Regulation of the legal profession Inquiry
Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers
Summary of the Regulatory Functions of the Law Society of Scotland -
Law Society of Scotland Press Release, Septemeber 2001.
Despite its name, this is actually quite a lengthy and in depth guide to the functions of the Society and also Solicitors in Scotland.

Legal Ethic Pages by Internet Legal Services - US Guide

British and Irish Ombudsman Association
Legislation relevant to the SLSO
Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman
Looks into complaints about the way The Law Society of Scotland, The Faculty of Advocates, or The Scottish Conveyancing and Executry Services Board has handled a complaint against a legal practitioner.

Guides to the Law:
Client Care Guide by the Law Society of E & W
OFT Guide on How To Complain

Law Society of Scotland Guides:
Commonly Used Rules for Scottish Solicitors
Conflict of Interest Rules
Guide to Solicitors and Consumer Protection
Guide to Solicitors' Fees by the Law Society of Scotland
Guide to Using Solicitors by Law Society of Scotland
Guide to what to do when dissatisfied with your solicitor
Law Society of Scotland Guidelines

Law Society of Scotland Leaflets:
Dissatisfied with your solicitor
Getting the best from your solicitor

Regulatory & Governing Bodies:
Faculty of Advocates
Law Society of Scotland
Scottish Conveyancing & Executry Services Board

About the Codes - Law Society
Code of Conduct for Criminal Work
Code of Conduct for Solicitors Holding Practising Certificates
Law Society of Scotland Guidelines
Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980
Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1988

Other Jurisdictions:
Law Society of England and Wales
Law Society of Northern Ireland
Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman - E&W

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Financial Services
Power of Attorney

For lawyers and clients alike the following passage may interest and amuse you:

All of the information below was taken from "The Bluffer's Guide to Law" by Martin Vernon, Ravette Publishing 1997. The book costs about £4 and is a very funny, witty and inciteful guide to law. Click the link above to buy it.

The Clients

Clients and their problems come in different shapes and sizes. Some clients can be unsporting and bring in cases which overlap more than one area of law; this can be confusing but the difficulty will often be overcome by the word 'focussing'. In giving advice, focus on the main problem which will be the only one you can remember anything about. By constantly talking of this focus you may distract them from other areas in which you are less certain.

It is helpful to know that private (as opposed to business) clients tend to fall into well defined anthropological or sociological categories some of which are summarised as follows:

Believes the lawyer's purpose in life is to overcharge for inadequate advice. Checks watch on arrival and departure. Constantly tries to catch the lawyer out. Insists on every sub-clause being explained in enormous detail and then queries any time charged for this process. Challenges any advice given by quoting contrary view of anonymous legally qualified friend. Scrutinises bill with fanaticism. Incapable of being satisfied. Advice: avoid if possible.

Smiles vacantly at whatever advice is given. Expects the lawyer to decide everything. Incapable of decisive thought. Has the listening power of a dead parrot. Responds to all questions "I'll leave it all to you to decide, after all you know best". Tends to forget all advice given once things go wrong. Advice: watch your back at all times.

Weeps at first interview. Permanently downtrodden by vagaries of life. Occasionally lightens gloom with brave, watery smile. Needs permanent injection of backbone but resists all lawyer's efforts to strengthen resolve. Advice: buy more tissues.

Spends life bullying others and is not going to stop now. Demands action, rejects unpalatable advice. "Now you look here, I'm paying you to do this..." Needs to be shouted down, may respect lawyer for it, but more likely to offer violence and move elsewhere. Usually married to 'emotional' wife. Advice: for lawyers who like a challenge.

Believes letters are for cowards. Has motto: "If it moves, sue it." Once won a case (more by luck than merit) and believes the world is now his/her legal oyster. Has had sixteen previous firms of lawyers and is suing all of them. Flatters your ego to persuade you to take latest case and then reveals true colours. Advice: check indemnity insurance policy.

Seeks to draw lawyer into web of intrigue. Cannot understand concepts of integrity or duty to court. Tells lawyer everything he intends to conceal from the court and is astounded at any reluctance to become co-plotter. Subscribes to conspiracy theory of life, and believes the bench is as bent as he is. Advice: send down the road to your least favourite competitor.

Develops crush on lawyer. Displays similar tendencies with doctor and vicar. Writes on scented notepaper, sends presents and suggests home consultations. Requires sole attention of object of desire. Rings frequently. Seeks help with completing forms, calling the plumber and changing the fuse. Advice: keep at arm's length (or seek a large legacy).

Arrives shortly after an unfortunate aroma. Carries worldly possessions in a plastic bag. Ricochets from lawyer to doctor to social services to citizens advice bureau. Prone to abandoning empty wine bottles in the reception area. Bounced as often as a Wimbledon tennis ball. Advice: send largest trainee solicitor to reception office to sort out.

Requires lawyer to absorb entire life history before giving the simplest advice. Resists all attempts to short circuit recitation of irrelevant facts. Obsessive as to detail. Encyclopędic knowledge of facts of the case. Corrects lawyer's minutest error. Client's tedium is matched only by indignation at the delivery of bill based on time spent. Advice: delegate to eager trainee to take statement.

Responds promptly to all communications. Listens to advice and does what is told. Anticipates requests for information by producing precise typewritten lists. Understands explanations. Displays appreciation for efforts. Pays bill promptly and sends whisky or flowers to emphasize thanks. Advice: treasure, another may not pass your way again.

Available from Amazon by clicking the following link - The Bluffer's Guide to Law

Clients who didn't find that very amusing may take comfort in the lawyer jokes available on the legal humour page of Expert Law.

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